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Every coastal California beach town was once like Carpinteria before the world realized that they, too, wanted to live along the seashore and those once quaint hamlets got overdeveloped. Carpinteria, however, remains perfectly caught in that small-town setting, where most commercial activity revolves around the main drag of Linden Avenue and everyone says hi to everyone else while walking down to the beach for a quick dip. There’s a wide range of home types and sizes to be explored, but all are close to the beach.

Area Highlights

The Neighbors

Young families, retired folks, and everyone in between, most with a surfboard in the trunk and some avocados from their friends’ farm in the backseat.


Condos on the coastline, bungalows near the quaint downtown strip, and a wide range of everything else throughout the community.


Sand in between your toes, surfboards under your arms, and a storybook small-town atmosphere but with a rising food and drink scene and a regular annual schedule of cultural events.

You'll Love

The Avocado Festival rocks! So does knowing most everyone you see on Linden Street or Carp State Beach.

Perfect For

Young families, couples, and anyone ready to escape the big city for a seaside hamlet. Retirees relish it, too.

Around the Area

You couldn’t paint a more iconic beach town than Carpinteria, where about 13,000 people live within a mile or so of the shoreline and scents of the sea are always in the air. The town was named as a place of carpentry by the Spanish colonists who found the Chumash natives working on their plank canoes, or tomols, along the coast, using the black tar that escapes naturally from the cliffs to seal their vessels. Since then, it’s grown ever so slowly into a mecca for surfers who pray at nearby Rincon Point but also a refuge for anyone seeking to live in a small-town setting where everybody knows your name.

The hills above “Carp,” as it’s called, are covered with avocado orchards and flower farms, and agriculture remains a driving economic force in the area. Tourism is also a major player, as people from near and far enjoy strolling Linden Avenue in search of a great burger at The Spot, a freshly made ale at Island Brewing Company, a wicked cocktail with steamed mussels at Sly’s, or a grill-it-yourself steak at The Palms.

It’s the sandy shoreline, though, that attracts tourists and urges locals to stay. Carpinteria State Beach is routinely named the safest beach on the planet, and the adjacent campground is abuzz with activity all year long. The tide pools are world-class, and those seeking a close-up look at marine mammals can check out the sea lion rookery from the undeveloped Carp Bluffs. Nature lovers will also love spotting egrets, herons, and other cool birds at the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, one of the many areas that conservationists have protected from overdevelopment.

The neighborhoods are a mix of apartments, condos, and single-family homes, all pretty much within at least bicycling distance of the beach.

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