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Area Description

One of the more iconic old neighborhoods in California, Santa Barbara’s Upper East is home to stately mansions, sprawling lots, and plenty of beloved public places, from Alameda Park and Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens all the way to Mission Santa Barbara and its adjacent rose garden. There are lots of more modest homes to be enjoyed, as well, including the occasional fixer-upper that the right owner could turn from rundown into palatial and a few multiplex opportunities, as well.

Area Highlights


Longtime Santa Barbara families, younger single professionals, families of various sizes, and some students, as well.


Ranges widely from modest single-family homes needing work to expansive, historic mansions on quarter-block lots.


Classic Santa Barbaran, with evening walks to the Mission while enjoying the parks and architecture along the way.

You'll Love

Being close to the festivals at Alameda Park, the turtles and koi at Alice Keck, the roses at Mission Santa Barbara, and the proximity of downtown.

Perfect For

Those of means looking to retire in old-California style, young professionals who want space but also to be close to downtown, and families who want to be close to the parks.

Around the Area

A neighborhood that runs essentially from Mission Santa Barbara down to the sprawling complex of public spaces around Alameda Park, the Upper East was Santa Barbara’s first upscale neighborhood, and the moneyed fashions of yesteryear uphold their visual splendor very much today. This is one of the best places for a walk in all of the region, as a meander from downtown to the mission will take you by exquisitely designed mansions, intimate garden settings, and quite a few secret nooks that occasionally surprise even longtime locals.

It’s not all upscale properties, though. There’s a variety of housing options on the Upper East, from multi-unit investment opportunities to a few condo/townhome developments to many modest single-family homes, which often include a second unit that can be leased out to help pay the mortgage. There is a healthy mix of renters and homeowners, students and professionals, singles, couples, and families, many of whom proudly send their children to the red-tiled Roosevelt School.

All are drawn to the neighborhood because it’s walking distance to downtown but also surrounds some of the most iconic public spaces in town, from the ponds and rare flowers of Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens to the multi-festival hub of Alameda Park to the volunteer-tended rose garden in front of the Mission. The restaurants and bars of the Santa Barbara Arts District are also nearby, including the bustling Santa Barbara Public Market, and a brief walk uphill will deliver you to El Encanto or the Riviera Theatre, as well.

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