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Goleta is essentially the suburbs of Santa Barbara, but it is steadily developing its own character, a move that was boosted when the City of Goleta formed in 2002. Quiet cul-de-sacs are speckled across neighborhoods that boast tree-filled parks just down the road from strip malls packed with everything you could possibly need. If you need a house with a yard rather than a condo with a patio and don’t mind the 10-minute drive to Santa Barbara, this is the place for you.

Area Highlights

The Neighbors

Families, families, families — plus UCSB professors and students, professionals of all ages working at nearby tech companies, and locals who’ve lived in the same house since it was built in the 1970s.


Single-family homes, condos, duplexes, big houses that are perfect, small houses that need work, and everything in between.


Playing catch at the park, riding bikes to the ice cream shop, sitting in the sand at Goleta Beach — storybook-style suburban living, but right between the beach and the mountains.

You'll Love

Oysters at the Beachside Restaurant, walks to see butterflies at the Ellwood Bluffs, rides along the bike path to UCSB, and convenient shopping (with parking!).

Perfect For

Families, because the schools are sweet, and anyone else seeking the suburban lifestyle.

Around the Area

This the quintessential suburban California life, where weekend days consist of trips to the beach, picnics in the park, and balls tossed in quiet cul de sac. Goleta, which is close to UCSB, surrounds the Santa Barbara Airport, and is the last developed area before hitting the bucolic Gaviota Coast, is home to lots of tech companies, defense firms, strip malls, and solid schools. It’s always lived a bit in the shadow of its more cosmopolitan neighbor Santa Barbara, but “The Good Land,” as it’s known, is steadily carving out its own niche as well, especially since a large chunk of it incorporated as the City of Goleta in 2002.

Prior to Spanish contact, the Chumash villages that lived on the fringes of the Goleta Slough were some of the more densely populated places in all of the West Coast, and the Spanish nearly built the regional mission nearby. When they settled in Santa Barbara instead, Goleta became an outpost of mission-serving ranches and farms, and a strong agricultural pride prevails today, marked most noticeably by the annual Lemon Festival and the museum displays of the Stow House. After World War II, aeronautical, defense, and other technology-focused firms moved into the area, and the suburban sprawl began in earnest.

Currently, Goleta is home to such companies as Citrix, Deckers, and Raytheon, and the steady stream of scientists graduating from UCSB foster a startup-friendly vibe. Plenty of students, faculty, and staff call Goleta home, as do many people who work in Santa Barbara, just a 10 minute drive away. There are many commercial hubs full of good restaurants, shops, and services, though the three main ones are the Camino Real Marketplace on Storke Road, the strip of Calle Real between Patterson and Fairview roads, and Old Town, which straddles Hollister Avenue from Highway 217 to Fairview.

The available housing options run the gamut from fixer-uppers needing lots of TLC to large properties with well appointed mansions higher up in the foothills. There are also many condo and apartment options, and, unlike the rest of the slow-growth region, Goleta still enjoys new developments as well.

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