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“Storybook” is the perfect way to describe this predominantly residential neighborhood in a prime part of Santa Barbara. Decorated with homes in various but always intricately done styles, from the familiar Spanish Colonial to less common English Tudor and French Normandy, this is a safe place for kids and dog-walkers to stroll the tree-lined streets, but it’s also just a few blocks from the most interesting commercial strip of State Street that’s not downtown. Nearly secret parks lurk around each suburban corner, and the neighborhood comes alive during the holidays, especially Halloween, when the storybook sense takes on an even more magical aura.

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The Neighbors

Longtime Santa Barbara families, retirees, and professionals seeking a stylishly suburban lifestyle close to the city.


Almost entirely single-family homes that tend to be priced higher than comparable properties in other neighborhoods because this is a highly desirable place to live. Ranges widely from ornate mansions to much more modest ranch-style homes.


Family-friendly and very neighborly, so expect to go dog-walking and backyard barbecue with many people on your street.

You'll Love

Walking to Renaud’s for croissants in the morning, sipping tea at Vices & Spices, chatting it up with the staff at Chaucer’s Bookstore, exploring the wilds of San Roque Canyon, and having drinks with dinner at Harry’s Plaza Café below photographs of Santa Barbara’s past.

Perfect For

Retirees, families with solid incomes, those who crave classic California suburban living but in a stylish home that’s close to all you need.

Around the Area

Named by Governor Portola when he camped at the mouth of the canyon back in 1769, San Roque was once best known in Santa Barbara lore for being a great hideout for bandits in the 1850s. A much more peaceful time of agriculture followed until 1923, when the first housing tracts were arranged on circular streets under the name Rutherford Park.

The rest of the neighborhood was developed in the 1950s following World War II, when a wide range of architectural motifs were in vogue, from Santa Barbara’s beloved red-tile roofs to more whimsical versions of French Normandy farmhouse and even genteel American Colonial designs. The patchwork of styles that exist in the neighborhood today is an attraction unto itself, making walks through the area quite interesting, especially when the homes get decked out for Halloween.

San Roque boasts a very neighborly vibe, and the circular streets keep traffic quite slow, so dog-walking and kids playing ball are common sights. You are likely to get to know your neighbors quite well here, so expect plenty of invitations to parties throughout the year. The community is filled mostly with single-family homes, and the sizes and prices vary widely, though prices tend to be higher than in other areas with similar properties.

The neighborhood is perfectly placed between the wild hiking trails that can be accessed through Stevens Park and the commercial corridor of State Street, where a bevy of shops, restaurants, banks, and other needs await. Indeed, some of Santa Barbara’s best restaurants sit just blocks away, from the iconic Harry’s Plaza Café in Loreto Plaza to the Italian hub of Via Maestra to the croissants of Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro. The recent addition of a Whole Foods just up State Street didn’t hurt the scene either.


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